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Longboarding: My boy Jax and I Cruising!: http://youtu.be/HdLvI3c1cV8
Yeah I know I don't push him too much because of that fact :/ I do warm him up and stretch him first before I let him run like that to kinda help prevent that... He also competes in the sport of K9 weight pulling so I treat him just like an athlete as far as stretching, warming him up and cooling down. Hopefully that will help or prevent any kind of injury:s @RobynSecor
@DavidHernandez Dude your dog pulls 1000lbs? He is a beast
Glad he's having a good time and you're both staying safe :)
@mikerosa92 I'm very cautious when it comes to my dogs health and safety. Like I said I treat him like an athlete. Stretch, Warm up, Cool down. like I told RobynSecor I don't push him alot when it comes to longboarding. for example this video he pulled me for just 1.5 blocks and I had him stop. than well walk a couple blocks and he'll pull for a couple blocks. Because yeah I weigh 200lbs and pulling that while sprinting for long periods of times is just a killer for the dog.lol Where as in the sport of weight pulling he pulls 1000 lbs. 16ft. under 1min. but that's not running it's at his own pace cus it's alot of weight lol.... and his harness is custom fit only to his body just like his weight pulling harness is as well... no dog has the exact same body so you need a harness that fits the dog perfect to help prevent injury. Collars would just damage the dogs throat. A harness pulls more with his chest. and yeah it has a lot of padding on it so it's comfortable; )
@DavidHernandez Sounds like you know what you are doing. I would have trouble justifying allowing a dog pull my weight on a board though, I would at least try to keep up with him so he is not getting pulled by the neck, but I see you have what looks like a damn comfortable collar on him
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