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Heechul Instagram update
The real woman that Iike for the first time in my life since I was born was 'Gu Sukjung'. I've watched <Uicheondo Ryonggi>and <Sorim Ojo>for more than 10 times. But season 2 of <Uicheondo Ryonggi> has yet to come out..I've yet to think that any real woman is pretty until now(except for Son Yejin-noona that Donghae and I saw 11 years ago^-^) I really liked Gu Sukjung. I've watched all her movies toowhen everyone else liked 'Wang Johyun', I still liked only 'Gu Sukjung'.. Haa.. My first love.... My kids.. Even though I'm like a crazy guy, this oppa still had a first love.. #gusukjung