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A comforting and dense cake made of semolina, almonds, and a light drizzle of attar syrup. This dessert is a huge family favorite, and it's soon to be yours too! -------------------------------------------------------- Harissa (Semolina Cake) To Make Attar Syrup: 4 cups sugar 3 cups water 1/2 small lemon, juice of (or equivalent citric acid) 1. Mix all the ingredients for the syrup and place in saucepan on high until it boils. If using citric acid, use only the the tip of a teaspoon. 2. Reduce the heat to medium for 45 min to 1 hour until it coats a metal spoon. To Make Harissa Cake: 3 cups semolina 3/4 cup unsweetened butter, melted 3/4 cup sugar 1 1/2 teaspoons baking soda 1 cup plain yogurt 1/2 cup whole blanched almonds (to garnish) or 1/2 cup ground Pistachio nut (to garnish) 1. Mix the semolina, the sugar and the butter in a large bowl. Use your hands to corporate the butter with the other ingredients until mixed well. 2. Mix the yogurt and the baking soda in a separate bowl. Wait a few minutes until the yogurt doubles in size. When the yogurt has doubled (or almost), pour the yogurt mix on top of the semolina mixture and combine together with your hands. 3. After you combined the two mixes, press the mix down on a small jellyroll pan or a 9x13 Pyrex baking dish. (The cake mix should not be more then 1 inch thick. If it is bake the cake in a bigger pan or take out the extra and bake it in a separate pan.). 4. Cut a diamond or square design in the cake with a butter knife. If using almonds, place one in each piece. Bake at 400 degrees for 30 to 45 mins until its a bronze brown color. 5. Pour cold syrup on top while its hot so it can absorb all through. If using ground pistachios, sprinkle a little on top of each square.
@danidee oh my goodness you have no idea how much this excites me! cream of wheat is my FAVORITE thing for breakfast!!! With some butter...mmmm! I think I would love this then!
@TechAtHeart It's pretty much like Cream of Wheat, if you've ever had that before!
Looks nice and moist
Wow this looks so delicious. I don't think I have had semolina before!
@TechAtHeart I love it too!! I grew up on that stuff. :)