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Remember Week 4 when the Patriots got blown out by the Chiefs and everyone was declaring how the Pats were done? Well Tom Brady sure doesn't. The Pats have now won 5 straight and the Broncos had their 4 game winning streak snapped. Once again Brady outplayed Manning and Belichick knew pulled out all the tricks to blow out the Broncos 43 to 21. Tom Brady threw for 333 yards and 4 touchdowns with one interception. Gronkowski and Edelman fueled the aerial attack and Edelman even returned a punt for an 84-yard touchdown. Peyton Manning was off today which seems impossible, but he was still able to rack up 400+ yards with 2 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. The Pats showed that an interchangeable defense that can give multiple looks and play different styles can give Manning trouble and look for many AFC West teams to make acquisitions and changes to their defensive schemes accordingly in the offseason. Will these two teams face off again in the playoffs? The Pats are now looking like the team to beat with a healthy Gronkowski. Who will stop them?
@EightyNine ya me and my son went to the playoff game last year in Denver.. whoa broncos fans rock the stadium there. Not many Patriot fans but we were ready to take on the whole stadium if we had to haha.. that was a sad game.. so ya hopefully if they do meet in the playoffs it turns out to be a great game..
@dukes1 Right the Pats defense was definitely making good plays and stayed very disciplined which is tough to do since the Broncos give you so many different looks from the same sets. Pats definitely deserve credit but I think Manning was simply trying to hard like he knew there was something more on the line in this game. Hopefully they see each other again in the playoffs!
Peyton Manning was off his game.. I don't agree w that statement... Patriots played great on defense an took him out of his game.. He had good throws that were contested by the Patriots... that's just good defense..
@EightyNine my son is a Patriots fan and the rest of my family other than are Bronco fans so we were glad to see someone play defense against the donkeys.. Brady had the offense he desired and it proved to be a good game on both sides of the ball for the Patriots... I believe all the broncos have is manning.. shut down manning and you get victory..