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We've all heard about these crazy detox diets that require you to consume only liquids for a few days, or put sticky pads on your feet to absorb toxins, but what can you realistically do every day to clean out your body? How about these 8 great ideas?! Daily Detox Tip #1 – Lemon Water Supporting liver function naturally improves the detox process. The warm lemon water helps purify and stimulate the liver. Squeeze at least a half of a lemon into a glass of the warm filtered water, without any sweetener, then sip and enjoy. Daily Detox Tip #2 – Detox Bath A detox bath is a great way to end the day, fill a tub with hot water, add some epsom salt and baking soda to neutralize the chemicals found in the water, perhaps a few drops of essential oils and soak. It is that easy. Daily Detox Tip #3 – Oil Pulling Oil pulling has been used for thousands of years as a holistic detox remedy. It couldn’t be any easier, just put a heaping teaspoon of coconut oil in your mouth, swish around your mouth and between teeth for 10 minutes, then spit it out. There are thousands of bacteria found in the mouth, some healthy and others not so much. The toxic bacteria is a main culprit in plaque buildup, gingivitis, bad breath and cavities. Daily Detox Tip #4 – Ditch the Dryer Sheets Unless you live in a nudist colony, wearing clothes and washing clothes is a part of every day life. One of the most toxic things we do, on a regular basis, is the use of fabric softener or dryer sheets. Those perfume-laden (even fragrance-free) sheets and liquid are full of toxic chemicals. Chemicals that infiltrate the clothes we wear, which in turn get on our skin and absorbed into our body. Daily Detox Tip #5 – Clean Up Your Cleaning Products Most household cleaners are made with toxic ingredients and are labeled with the words CAUTION, WARNING, or DANGER. It’s easy to clean up your cleaning products and avoid toxic household cleaners. Try some homemade cleaning products or check your local health store for safer alternatives. Daily Detox Tip #6 – Sleep and Slumber When we sleep, the brains cells are cleared of harmful toxins. During sleep, the flow of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain increases dramatically, washing away harmful waste proteins that build up between brain cells during waking hours. Chances are you could really benefit from implementing some healthy sleep habits, reducing stress in your life and balancing your hormones. Daily Detox Tip #7 – Excuse to Exercise Not only does exercise make you feel better, but it’s an easy way to help your body boost its natural detoxification process. When we exercise, blood circulation improves, bringing nutrients not to just our muscles but all of our organs. Daily Detox Tip #8 – Master Mindset Our brain processes negative and positive information differently. And because of this we seem to hold onto the negative toxic stuff and forget the positive. Need a challenge to master your mindset? How about a 40-day no complaining fast.
I am going to start working on this! My mind and body need some detoxing; too much built up stress!
I guess its a good thing I am always out of dryer sheets haha
40-day no complaining?! That actually sounds really hard!
I had a roommate in college try oil pulling and she ended up with a sinus infection. It could have been that she just had horrible timing or the oil pulling cleared too much out of her system and caused an infection. I'm not sure how much oil pulling had to do with it but just a word of caution!