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The Niners looked ready to win the game. Colin Kaepernick was having nightmare game so far taking 8 sacks from the Rams D-line but with a few seconds left to go, the NIners were on the Rams one yard line thanks to a pass-interference call the play before. All they had to do was score or knee it to attempt a field goal chipshot to send the game to overtime. The only thing they couldn't do was fumble it... And Colin Kaepernick fumbled it. As a result the Niners lost 13-10 and saw their chance at the playoffs greatly diminish as the Cardinals beat the Cowboys and the Seahawks beat the Raiders. They will face must-win games the rest of the season and their playoffs will probably start next week if they want to grab the wild card. The Rams offense was terrible but took advantage of the Niner's turnovers, both which were by Kaepernick (fumbles.) They rode Tre Mason, their rookie RB, to get the tough yards and even left him in to play 3rd downs although he is not known for his pass protection. This seems like a changing of the guard as they realize Mason gives them the best chance to win. Will the Niners be able to grab the wildcard? And is this a sign that the Ram's defense is finally back? We'll see.