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No, this is not a joke article. The Washington Redskins team name has been under fire for quite some time now, with many people pressuring the team owners to change the name. However, a federal judge decided the NFL franchise could continue suing five Native Americans, according to the Associated press. The five Native Americans are part of a group that took umbrage with the team's name. The group os led by a social worker named Amanda Blackhorse. The group filed a petition of the redskins name back in 2006. "The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office responded this June, ruling that six Redskins trademark registrations should be canceled. Once the USPTO gave its ruling, the team went after the five individuals in court." When I first read the title of this article, I though surely this is just a joke article! I was deeply saddened to see that not only is this not a joke, the Redskins are serious. I just don't understand this, what good could possibly come from suing this group? Surely it will not be good for PR, but maybe it will take focus off their football playing.
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@dukes1 Yeah I really don't understand their thinking on this. Way to make yourselves look even worse Washington!
Damn.. talk about ignorance, not only are they being disrespectful but they are salting the wound by suing in court.. figured they would have some dignity and refuse to take it to that type of bully type conduct.. smh at you Washington..