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You may have seen UK-based artist James Chapman's adorable comics illustrating the way sounds and various onomatopoeia change from region to region, but in his latest series, he brings to life a pretty realistic (and equally hilarious) take on IKEA assembly instructions. What if there were IKEA directions for job interviews, bad dates, or crappy cellphones? Get a good laugh from these!
I love these so much hahah There are so many instances when I am like 'I am not grown-up enough for this, I don't know what I'm doing" and directions would be so helpful haha
@Eightynine Toilet etiquette should be common sense! Somehow people miss this easy logic.....
The toilet one is so true. Why are you in the stall next to me when every other one is open
@galinda These need to be a book one day. Seriously.
Lol these are great, I think the interview ones pretty obvious but you never know XD
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