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Movember (Mustache November) and Noshember (No Shave November) are annual event involving the growing of mustache and no shave during the month of November. The purpose is to raise awareness of men's health. Participant become a walking and talking billboard support the cause. There are two foundations that are currently raising funds for the cause. Movember mainly focus on grooming and growing a mustache, while No Shave November is flexible. However, both program requires the participant to start with a clean shave face. If you're not into sporting a shaggy look you can always donate to show support. If you're feeling hip, support the cause by purchasing mustache merchandise. Source: http://movember.com, http://www.no-shave.org/ Product: Mustache towel - Etsy (LittleBirdsBoutique), Thabto Mustache Door Mat - Amazon
@dukes1 Sound like a fun idea.
I'm going to do this... it's for a great cause.. plus I think I will have my gf participate ha..
@iluvdurian31 well she's agreed to support health and not shave.. umm everything except her legs and underarms, I believe I'm ok w that ha..
Tried no shave november but it did not turn out well. all i got was disgusted looks my way