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Originally this photograph was done in color, but I decided to create a black and white version specifically for this project! Here we see the silhouette of a girl gazing upon the unknown in the distance through the window. We can not clearly see the emotion she is expressing on her face, but her reflection is more telling. The face in the reflection is an interesting, albeit complex one. What can we read from this emotion? Silent happiness? Deafening loneliness? This is something I will let you decide. My second nomination goes to @dillonk....Come on man you have to make MORE!
You also can't really tell if its rain on the window, sunshine, or dirt. That would really change the mood of this too!
I really love that the reflection is understated too, @onesmile. Sometimes people can be heavy-handed with the reflections. But this is lovely!
this is awesome, makes me wish I was any good at photography. I really like how mysterious it seems, very noir.
Nice! I love that the facial expression is only visible as a reflection; hidden but really clear to see as well. Good one~