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A Comcast Philadelphia source confirmed that Nick Foles suffered a broken collarbone in Sunday's Week 9 win at Houston. It's his left clavicle and he hurt it when Texans OLB Whitney Mercilus took him down for a sack. He will probably be out 4-6 weeks, but for reference Aaron Rodgers missed 8 weeks last season with the same injury. Mark Sanchez will now take over the Eagles offense and it looks like he is comfortable with the system as he threw for 202 yards and 2 touchdowns after Foles left the game.
Maybe the Sanchize will bring a new element to their offense haha
I saw this. My dad is absolutely gutted to say the least. Chuffed their 6-2 though.
Big blow for the Eagles but at least they have one of the best backups in the league (Yeah it's still Mark Sanchez but at least he started before)