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I was organizing my shoe rack last night and realized I have three pair of white sneakers (Addidas, Converse, and Toms) in different styles. I've been wearing sneakers my whole life and I can't imagine a wardrobe without them. Casual white low-tops are my favorite for several reasons and I think you'll agree with me after browsing through the images I attached. They are undeniably comfortable and goes with every outfit. Black trousers, white wide-leg jeans, boyfriend jeans and pencil skirt all look effortlessly chic with a pair of white sneakers. You can also easily pull off a clean, edgy and casual look. Perfect for work, weekends, and long-commutes. Do you already own a pair of white sneaks. If not, would you? Photo by Melodie Jeng.
@galinda That's true! But you can easily clean them with a few household items! :)
I just wish they didnt get dirty so quickly!
I own 5 pairs of white shoes (canvas, flats, sandals) and I never regret a purchase. It's handy for sports (tennis) and goes well with almost everything in my closet.