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Pepe Lapoerte just taking a selfie with his camera stick at Maryhill.
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@RichardSchafer its amazing. There are like 50 windmills on the horizon that you can't see in the picture, and there are tons of cool things to explore in the small town
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Before I even got into longboarding I've wanted to travel the world. But now I want to travel the world even more badly.
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Is the museum cool with people riding whenever?
3 years ago·Reply
@BlakeGardiner the museum has literally nothing about the longboarding. I couldn't find anything in the whole town about it actually! But the museum is great, and both me and my grandpa actually tripped the alarms ON ACCIDENT and had security come.
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@steezus I missed out on skating last time I visited family in Oregon, definitely got to have a run or two next time I'm out there!
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