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So excited they added the LC9 community for me!! I really hope it will raise people's interest in them and awareness of them! Check out their song East of Eden! it is one of my favorite songs!
@honeysoo well they were going to be the Brown Eyed Boys because their counterparts are the Brown Eyed Girls. But I read something that E.den said that they are always competing, and they are ready to be in competition with the other kpop groups (like they are going to be good enough to compete) , and that none of the other members were really sure what the #9 stood for but E.den also said that it was because all of them plus the managers (or whoever) equaled 9 people lol. Not true anymore. They should have just been Brown Eyed Boys haha. then I wouldn't have to look through all these things about guns when I search their name haha
What does their name mean exactly? League of Competition #9?