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Hello Moon Leader fans As we all know, Moon has been shut down from ZEA. Since there’s no way we can do to help him, we’re planning a fan project just to let him know that a lot of us international fans are loving him. If you wish to participate, here’s what you can do.. Step 1 You can choose option ( a ), ( b ) or ( c ): a ) Write your message in Ms Word/Powerpoint/Photoshop indicating your name and the country you’re from, you can design your message as you like and save in jpg.format. (Make it one page only and use landscape) b ) Hand-write a message on a paper or anywhere you wish, complete with your name and the country you are from. Then take a picture of that message in jpg. format (You don’t need to show yourself if you don’t want ^^) c ) Record a 3-5 seconds video of yourself (or you can ask your little daughters or cousins to say it for you ^^) saying anything you wish for him (example: Come back soon, Moon) while holding a sign indicating your name and the country you're from. The video must be in wmv. format.Videos that are longer than 5 seconds will be edited accordingly to accommodate everyone’s messages. d. Send it to P/S: Make your message short & simple so that it can be clearly seen and read in the video Thank you! Riya aka Sulthanah P.s. The idea is from the king 2 hearts international fans project in 2012. Lets make Moon strong!
This is great I'll try to participate!
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thank you so much...the last day to submit your project is 25 november
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you can also submit yor project to
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