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Longboarding meet up app?
Hey you guys, I've been wondering if there are any apps or sites out there for longboarders to meet up? I live in a relatively small city and it's hard finding chill fellow longboarders even at my university. I wouldn't even mind driving a ways out for a nice skate session. Any help would be appreciated, it gets a bit lonely sometimes :(
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start it back up with cruises and sessions
3 years ago·Reply
Maybe just talk to your closest friends and get them into longboarding? Thats what I did, and now I've got a few really close friends I skate with. And maybe you can go to a local skate shop and ask them?
3 years ago·Reply
I agree with @steezus if you have some close friends that are interested in longboarding just give them that push and start em up with tips on just riding and cruising. Most people that are willing end up loving it.
3 years ago·Reply
I stayed longboarding because of friends but they left and my last cruising friend is leaving for bootcamp in December :( not trying to whine or anything. Haha that's the reason I've be trying to look for more people.
3 years ago·Reply
Damn, I'm out of ideas. Good luck though, I hope you find some new people to longboard with!
3 years ago·Reply