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Longboarding meet up app?
Hey you guys, I've been wondering if there are any apps or sites out there for longboarders to meet up? I live in a relatively small city and it's hard finding chill fellow longboarders even at my university. I wouldn't even mind driving a ways out for a nice skate session. Any help would be appreciated, it gets a bit lonely sometimes :(
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hahaha "meet sexy decks in your area!"
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If you go to college, see if there's a longboarding club. I've seen these clubs have up to 80 members at a time, and they look pretty fun to me. Maybe just skate around town and if you see anybody else, ask if you can tag along with them?
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This should be a thing. I know tons of people in my area longboard. I'm right near a campus and it seems like people from all over enjoy riding anytime
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Like a dating app...but for skating : )
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I know that feeling bro, but I haven't heard of anything like that, though im pretty sure there is one.
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