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If you have read Gone Girl (or seen the movie), or even if you haven't, you need to take a minute and enjoy this. It's pretty much fact that kittens make everything cuter, and this is no exception! (And, to be frank, I liked it better than the movie in the long run. Sorry.) Gone Girl is a psychological thriller about how shitty marriage is. These kittens tell the story about Amy and Nick Dunne’s relationship gone awry in a hilarious way. Which version of Gone Girl do you like best?
I've never heard of Gone Girl, but I do agree kittens are adorable :')
I just watched like 12 of these "kitten versions" of the movies they have....wow!! So cute!! There's one for Hocus Pocus and I couldn't stop laughing
@csgeek Theyre beyond adorable somehow.... @onesmile You have to check out the Beetlejuice one too!!! Its honestl kind of disturbing....