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Loki Will Be In Age of Ultron
Apparently when Tom Hiddleston flatly denied he would be in the Avengers sequel, Age of Ultron he was either mistaken or fibbing, either being totally possible since he’s a little too perfect to play with trickster god. Regardless, what we can probably look forward to is a Loki’d stinger (the clip after the credits of the movie) to tease Thor: Ragnarok. Why? Because the news about Hiddleston’s involvement with Age of Ultron comes from Heimdall aka Idris Elba who confirmed filming a scene with Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth aka Thor. Had Loki been a major character in Age of Ultron not only would that have been marketed (the Loki’d masses would come running) but BTS pictures would have been leaked by now. But a short scene after the credits? That’s totally possible.