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Jay Leno will be joining The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon as a guest on November 7. This will be this first time back on the show after leaving earlier this year, completely over two decades of late night comedy on NBC. For long time fans of The Tonight Show this is certainly a treat. I remember I was skeptical when I found out Fallon would be taking over for Leno, but he’s filled his successors shoes wonderfully and I can’t wait to see the two together this Friday!
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It was a cute reunion! Jay was excellent as always! The banter between he and Jimmy was perfect as well! No one could take Jay's place but Jay made it a easy and successful transition for Jimmy who does a great job in his own right! Though I miss all the additional sneak appearances by his close friend Justine Timberlake! They were comical and it added something special to Late Night. Admittedly I no longer watch Late Night.