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Blackberry turns to Snapchat-style messaging
Haha, I'm still laughing because their promotional video is hilarious (check it out in slide 2). Blackberry is now allowing users to retract messages on BBM as well as even time how long someone can view their message. I would never own a blackberry, so I am glad this app is available for iPhone and Android users! Thankfully I have never sent an embarrassing message to require this feature, but it's nice to know you have it. The only thing is that both users need to be using BBM for it to really work :P Also, some features are limited to non-Blackberry users. I wish this were a universal feature all phones had! Easier said than done...but maybe in the future! Download the app: iPhone: Android: Windows:
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I sooo need this. But for this to work the person has to be using BBM too, right? :/
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@csgeek, unfortunately, yes :P
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