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SquirrelMonkeyTV is a YouTube channel that loves the 80's. They created 80s versions of the most popular sites and apps we use today. This was so fun to see...even though I think they would not run as smoothly back in the 80s. Take a look at these platforms and what they looked like in the 80s! My favorite is Spotify with the 8-bit music haha. It's crazy to think how much computers and graphical user interfaces have changed since the creation of the first computers. It's exciting to know that it will keep advancing! 1. Google 2. Instagram 3. LinkedIn 4. Twitter 5. Angry Birds 6. Skype 7. Spotify 8. Wikipedia
@TechAtHeart I'm going to follow your collection, this is so interesting. I had heard about the knowledge navigator but I hadn't watched the actual video
actually, 1987, my bad. here is the card:
@csgeek So true! I wish time travel existed and we could show scientists from the past what technology is like today, just so we can see their reactions^^ If you follow my Human Computer Interaction collection, I had shared a video of Apple's Knowledge Navigator...basically they predicted in the 90s what the future of tech would look like...and it's not far off!!
This is entertaining. I wonder what we would think back then of the technologies we have today? I feel that in the 80s the focus was a lot on AI and hover boards/cars, etc. I think they would be surprised we have moved everything to the "cloud" and our devices are getting smaller (or with phablets...they are getting larger!) I don't think this mobile technology boom must have been expected.
@csgeek you'll like it!