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Man, Google's UI/UX Designers are really on a roll right now. I am really loving Google's new Material Design. Come to think about it, I should write another card dedicated to it because it is so wonderful. The latest Google Calendar app update looks great, can't wait to get it on my phone asap. I use google calendar religiously to organize my life. I don't know where I would be without it...and without event reminders! New features: - Turn email to events automatically, such as flights, events/concerts, etc. (slide 1) - Will give suggestions to save you time (slide 2) - New schedule view (slide 3) Get the update: The update will work with all Android 4.1+ devices. Available Nov 3. 2014 (today) for all Android 5.0 devices. Other users will see the update on Google Play the next couple of weeks. No iPhone version yet, but will be released in the future. If I find an APK package I'll make sure to update this card!!
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Very Good!!!
3 years ago·Reply
how do you get it? is it on the playstore?
3 years ago·Reply
wow Google Cal is da thing for me, it orginizes my life and works like my mind. Google n Google apps are the best thing. anxiously waiting for the arrival of lollipop for my Gal Note 4 ..... keep up the amazing work: )
3 years ago·Reply
@debz151180 yes, it is on the play store. If you already have the app, it should update itself depending on your android version...however by now, I think it should have updated already
3 years ago·Reply
Cheers x
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