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Ima beginner longboarder and I decided to make a board. Check it out and let me knw what y'all think. I used the wolfshark design I saw and guesstimated.
Love that wolfshark inspired shape
I was trying to remember which board this reminded me of, finally remembered it was the wolfshark. I should really read people's descriptions. Looks great man! What kind of wood plies did you use and how many?
Found it, motion boardshop has a great one. I'm sure there are others, but I've used this one in the past.
Your bushings make a huge difference in how your ride feels. Also shock pads are great if your board is thrown around a lot, so look into that. I'll find a bushing calculator for ya, hang on
If you're trying to avoid wheelbite, one thing I've done is put griptape or sandpaper on all my wheels, and then roll them on the board to sand down wheel wells.
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