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Found this article of a conversation (can you call it that?) between Peter Bart and Mike Fleming about what the article refers to as the “oversaturation” of superhero movies. Obviously I’m a big fan of super movies, I like seeing the comics and characters I love on the big screen. And all the announcements and news from DC and Marvel and all the upcoming movies and shows both companies have it’s really cool! But as much as I like it, it’s not going to stick around forever. I don’t really like the perspective the article takes, and especially Fleming who sounds down right disdainful of the hero genre like some pretentious butt. BUT I do think they have a point that just like Westerns, superhero movies will rise and then fall just like every other big movie genre. What I think will be different about superheroes, in this case the characters of Marvel and DC, is that after everyone’s tired of the block buster movies and the TV shows, they’ll still have what they’ve had for years: animation. Comics started in print and moved to TV making a place as animated shows and movies and they can always go back to that. They haven’t left actually, DC still produces kick ass animated movies almost every year, so the big fans who are having their day in the sun won’t really miss much when Hollywood decides it’s done with heroes.
@EightyNine yeah personally I think the movies are kind of similar in that they're action-y but each hero is different so the movies are all different.
There definitely is a lot of superhero stuff coming out. Wonder if people will become bored of them. I feel like the stories are all different enough that each hero won't lose his or her originality.