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Pen and Ink on Vellum Bristol Board - 9x12 Created with 0.3, 0.35, 0.45, 0.5 rapidigraph drafting mechanical ink pens. Cool cat this guy... I watched every day of the tour and his win was as strategic as it was a show of performance. He rode with confidence, consistency, and caution. The accidents that took out his main competitors early on were accidents he was able to avoid. One of the small handful of riders to win all three Grand Tours. My hats off to this man. It was a great year for the tour and an even greater year for Italy.
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No - I didn't trace it... but I did look at a photo while I drew it. I always work from photo references. Thank you for the compliment! I really strive to get proportion and details right. Guess I missed the Shark logo...
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This could be a photograph! Great work!
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This is so awesome.
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Very excellent art work. Was a really spectacular Tour de France he won this year.
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Looks super dope !:D
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