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I went through a phase where I wanted to define known subjects with as little line as possible - seeking to use negative space or blank space to define shape and features as much as using hatching or stippling does. With the creation of the fine tip Sharpie pen - I now had a tool that allowed me to work fast and created hard - bold lines. What I've always loved about pen and ink illustration is the level of commitment you must have when you start a new work. You can't second-guess yourself or you'll make a line that you can't undo or take away. It's also fun because when those moments come it forces you to rethink your composition and either take it a new direction or force you to start over. Either way it's an opportunity to learn and to expand your skills and your expressive language.
I really appreciate your comment! :D Sometimes I start pen and ink illustrations not sure if they will work out. But I was very fortunate that the end result here was something I was happy with. I tend to be very hard on myself as a critic. Kristanna Loken also liked it. I think it's on her official website.
My favorite is "Loken-Load" - great action and positioning! Her stare is just right, too. Nailed the expression
i really like the last one
thank you Sherrysahar. that's a self portrait.