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we where put in this earth to live not to slave away having to listen to the man... who is he really? thinking that he can bully the weak and give progressive passes to the rich but neglective stares to the poor who've spent their lives working for good intentions? when did this world's peace and love turn into anger and segragation between one man and the rest of the world? like, we are all different in one way or another. why does the news limit it to the white and black man only and when will the news actually capture the real news called life living day from day on the bare minimum trying to survive in this world ran by the so called masterminds of this nation
@RobertStriker It happens to us all :)
thanks @greggr @timeturnerjones I was In a hurry I'll go back and fix the typos
Like @greggr said, a few typos, but I have to agree with the sentiment: these are things that need to change!
There's a few typos in here, but overall I enjoyed the passion in this: I can sense the frustration with a system that doesn't work and isn't changing. The "real news called life living day from day on the bare minimum" has such a nice rhythm to it, especially in the "life living day to day" part of it. I could practically hear the words jumping off the page! @RobertStriker