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I've been working on a series of portraits from the HBO Series "Game of Thrones". My pencil illustrations are multi-layered... a technique I learned from hyper-illustration master Hajime Sorayama. I add line and texture, then subtract with erasers, blend, add more line and texture, erase and then do this process over and over again. Micro-fiber cloths have really been a game-changer for me. I rarely use blending cones anymore. I also carefully map-out the areas of each composition where I plan on using different densities of graphite. Lastly, I never rush. I may hit a place where I am a little perplexed and frustrated and instead of pushing myself and making a choice I later regret, I will put the illustration aside and work on other projects. Sometimes clearing your mind and working on other things gives you the fresh perspective you need to return to the problem with a better solution. I hope you enjoy!
So you're using micro fiber cloths to do all your blending? That's not something I've seen before, though I guess my work with blending and graphite has been limited to a few summer art classes :) I really love the Bond series: there are so many different Bonds, and you were able to get each of their distinct qualities in there. Can't wait to see the rest! @JonPatrickHyde
I never really liked basic blenders all that much either. I never felt like I was holding them properly for good control. Thanks for the tip!
Not always... just mostly. I will use chamois cloths too. And I'll always need blending cones for fine/small areas. I just discovered using micro-fiber cloths by accident - it made perfect sense to me after trying it... won't scratch or damage the fibers of the paper - I've almost torn through lighter papers with blending cones and erasers. Another reason I moved to bristol board. Very heavy and thick.