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Ok I'm having an extremely hard time learning to slide. I don't live near any extreme hills but I have some spots. I don't have and gear (helmet,gloves,knee pads), but I'm getting some soon. I need any tips on what to get and how to slide. I have already watch about 40 videos so it's not helping much. Plus I don't think my board is really made for it as you can see at the top
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Hey @LukasDeCavitch I'm in the same boat. It's taking me awhile because I don't have great hills around anymore but I'm slowly getting better. The first step for me was learning to shift your weight onto the front of the board, then you have the kick which varies on how fast you're going. Hope this helps
go fast be safe clear ur mind,don't think about it just do turns at speed
I can't do slides very well but I know what I'n doing wrong so I just need more practice. More weight on front foot and a set up carve into it helps a lot.
@LukasDeCavitch Like people have said, practice makes perfect. Start with Coleman slides and start work your way from there. @BenKaplan You like toeside slides better? I must have PTSD or something because my hardest falls have always been getting caught up on toeside and bucked
A helmet and gloves and knee pads are definately needed. You'll fall plenty of times while you're learning. But like everyone else has said, start out slow, learn some Coleman's get the feel of the slide and throwing your board around.