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This is my edit of the 2014 Strawberry Slide Jam #3 in Ashland, Oregon. This is the third time this event has been around, and the first time I've been to. My buddy Cameron Wells did the interview, and some filming of the longest slide competition, and my friends girlfriend Kaylee helped us out with the still shots on the bottom of the path towards the gate. Edited by A Couple of Camerons With a Hint of Bryce.
Loved your mini interview in the beginning hahahah
So sick dude. Thanks for catching all of this!
@RobynSecor and it wasn't just me filming. I give my friends a lot of props for helping out with filming, and than they go and get ideas of there own, so we get a sweet collab video. That's the way to go!
Right? we were trying to find a good / funny hook at the intro, and we found the perfect one. her reaction is priceless! @RobynSecor