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This was a sketchy night skate race on Halloween in Ashland, Oregon by the light of the moon, headlamps, and glowsticks. Not a lot to see, but at the same time something that's never been seen before. Sorry about how hard it is to see what is going on. I want to get better lights to try and capture moments like these in the future. Conner Stanek did the follow run at the end of the video.
GoPro's just suck capturing anything at night. I wonder if the hero 4 is any better for this.. I have the hero 3, don't know if it makes a difference. Any of you guys know?
Thanks @mikerosa92 I hope to capture events like these in the future where you can actually see what's going on, even if I have to get night vision cameras!!!
Sounds like a lot of fan dude! I would suggest, like you said, some more lights or a different camera for night time shooting. Even just reading up about the best settings for night filming for your camera may help!