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Video games are awesome, and a lot of fun, AND according to this study by Valerie Shute good at helping students learn. Usually when when someone does a study on how video games affect how you learn they’ll use Tetris, which is kind of bizarre because Tetris is a cool game and good for reaction time and problem solving, but in the world of video games there are a lot of better examples of games to help you think and learn. But for her study, Shute used the award winning Portal 2 and Luminosity, which I’ve never played but the site has a lot of information about how games help you learn and strengthen a lot of different skills. The results? Apparently the kids who played Portal had “a statistically significant advantage over Lumosity on each of the three composite measures- problem solving, spatial skill, and persistence” which is pretty darn cool.
@MattK95 lol yeah, portal is so awesome and I can see how it helps you think and learn, it's just a really well made game.
Never believed me
Been telling this to my momma since I was 5
In all honestly I learned so much more about Japan in the 1500-1700s from the Shogun Total War series than I was even exposed to in school. Video Games can be great teachers. Rise of Nations in another one that comes to mind, along with Civilization.
Portal 2 was not only difficult at times, it was also hilarious haha, but yeah I certainly had to stop and think quite a few times. I can definitely see why she chose it for her study.
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