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We often associate yoga with adults, but kids and yoga seem to be a perfect match. Yoga can play a positive role in the development of young kids. In addition, practicing yoga at an early age has many benefits. Body Yoga helps children increase balance, body awareness and coordination. Plus, it strengthens the immune system, correct physical alignment, relaxes the body and promote better sleep. Mind Kids who practice yoga learn how to cope with stress, which is an invaluable tool to have throughout life. It also increases concentration, focus and attention span. Spirit Yoga can help kids build confidence and self-esteem, support character development and emotional intelligence. Kids will ultimately learn how to have respect for self and others. Overall, yoga encourages a healthy lifestyle for both adult and kid. A child who learns yoga will be developing essential skills for a lifetime of health and wellness in mind, body and spirit.
The elementary school near me now offers self-defense and yoga as an option instead of regular PE, I was also lucky enough to have yoga offered during lunch when I was in middle school. It's a great practice to start when you're young!
@Nisfit what?? thats crazy!! I had no idea people would get that worked up over yoga: if anything, its just related to the religion of fitness!
There was actually a pretty huge controversy at the high school next to mine because they started offering yoga as gym and some parents claimed it was too closely linked to religion? I was so upset that the class had to be cancelled. Regardless of any belief systems, yoga is incredible for your mental and physical health!
Back in college, I did an observational study at a charter school's extension program and one of the daily activities they do is "laughing yoga." It may sound silly at first but its an effective activity to help the kids calm down before dispersing to individual group projects.