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Creative Yoga Classes: Nature. Yoga. Play.
Nature. Yoga. Play. was introduced by Heather Hollander at the 2013 Wanderlust Festival, California. This dynamic experience brought the fundamental principles of yoga into nature for people to explore movement and breath in a playful way. Heather loves to remind people that yoga can be done anywhere and play is a valuable source of creativity and productivity. Her class takes place on hiking trails so that the quiet peacefulness that comes from hiking can be taken to a new level with breathing exercises and boulder yoga. I suggest looking for something similar to this course near you if you are a nature lover! This is a great class for all levels :)
what a cool idea, this sounds so peaceful!
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Have yoga class with real water running near by (none of that music track nonsense!) would definitely help me get into the relaxation a bit more
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I feel calm just watching this video! Wow!
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I would love to take my yoga out of a crowded class setting.
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sounds amazing! more spiritual depth for sure.
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