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Minty Cucumber Lime 1/2 a cucumber, sliced 1/2 a lime, sliced 1/4 cup fresh mint leaves Mint - Great of helping digestion, nausea, and headaches. Cucumber - Rehydrates the body and moisturizes your skin. Lime - Vitamin C to improve eyesight and skin health! Directions: Place the fruit, herbs, and/or spices in the bottom of one of the glass jars, and muddle with a wooden spoon. Fill the jar with water and give it a taste. If you'd like something a bit sweeter, try adding some agave (and mix until dissolved). Enjoy as-is or refrigerate overnight for maximum flavor.
Sounds delicious, I love adding some mint to drinks it's so fresh and invigorating! Would lemon work instead of lime?
I love, love, love mint infused water :)
Yummy, I am a big fan of this mixture. Too bad summer is over, a swig of this is great way to wake up and conquer the day.
It's like a non-alcoholic mojito!
I love minty drinks, they cool you down so quickly!