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Although I'm pretty sure he came to their home to deliver pizza ^^ I really enjoyed this debut from Dal Shabets sister group. And that high note blew me away, was not expecting that haha. One more group to add to my list of groups to follow haha :) Full Credit to the owners of this video: Happy Face Entertainment (I think that's right lol)
@MattK95 I love idol families hahah well, I liked the song so I hope they do well and I hope you can find somewhere to buy it soon :'( I had no idea you were from Australia! Cool~
Dal shabets sister group? I'm behind the times...who is this hahahaha
@honeysoo Yep I'm Australian, and I also hope I can find this somewhere soon, or that they release an album I can buy haha
@honeysoo All I know about them is that they are Dal Shabet's sister group, and I think one of the members has a sister in Dal Shabet also... Unfortunately this still isn't on ITunes in Australia :(