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3 Easy Leg Exercises While at Work
Trainer Nicole Nichols will show you 3 "sneaky" ways to exercise your legs while sitting in a chair. These moves are great for at the office or really anywhere you are sitting for a long time. Try these out right now!
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I find myself doing these at work throughout the day. I have to be careful not to kick someone's leg (like today). Haha
3 years ago·Reply
I've feel a little silly doing the squat too often, but the other moves are great!
3 years ago·Reply
These are awesome moves @Nisfit! And don't feel silly, @flymetothemoon, start the new office trend!
3 years ago·Reply
I'll be doing these all day tomorrow @Nisfit!
3 years ago·Reply
My coworkers never need to know ;)
3 years ago·Reply