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There's just somthing about this board that I absolutely love. It's just so simple and it's not to expensive
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@Shulace so they don't really sound like a downhill truck but I think I might get a set for my tomahawk
3 years ago·Reply
@WonTon321 Wow...9 plys? How heavy is it?
3 years ago·Reply
@RobynSecor Not very heavy, i carry it up one of my mile long runs and it feels pretty light, all things considered
3 years ago·Reply
@CharlesSutliff yeah, I'd just stick to a pair of cronins or something for your purposes. I still might get a set too though they look sick haha
3 years ago·Reply
Atlas are fine for downhill. You just have to believe in yourself. Watch my video called High Voltage, and you will see my friend Cameron with the gopro riding Atlas trucks and road captains after I get a 40 mph death wobble on my 50 cals
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