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Yoo-jin bristles to see the new guy, Yoon-hoo, paying attention to Nae-il, which brings out his inner caveman as he pulls her to himself. Yoon-hoo explains that he’s auditing classes here while on break from Juilliard, and watches Yoo-jin’s display of jealousy with amusement. The scoring for this moment is particularly apropos, with Prokofiev’s famous Montagues-versus-Capulets piece marking the tension, all bombast and machismo. Although let’s be honest here; it’s mostly a one-sided thing, even if Yoo-jin won’t admit it. Nae-il marvels that this is the first time Yoo-jin has hugged her, which puts Yoo-jin in the awkward position of protesting that it totally wasn’t a hug while not wanting to back away entirely—since, you know, he was proving a point to New Guy. But New Guy has his number, sizing up the situation accurately—he guesses that they’re not dating, though he recognizes that things just got harder for himself (and his interest in Nae-il). Teacher Do steers Yoon-hoo toward joining the A Orchestra, frowning when Yoon-hoo expresses interest in the maestro’s special orchestra instead. He has heard that Maestro Streseman and Yoo-jin will be performing for the upcoming Classical Night concert, and assumes that the S Orchestra will be chosen to accompany. Teacher Do implies otherwise. Yoo-jin announces to his members that they’ll be accompanying his concerto—aw, so he did pick the S Orchestra after all? I was afraid he’d waffle when it came time to put his own playing on the line, but he just tells them to do a proper job of it and lets them squee at the idea of performing at a televised event....
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