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You might have heard about (or seen) a certain Target employee that you never thought would enter your life: Alex from Target. Twitter user @auscalum posted a photo of him with the simple caption YOOOOOOOO on Nov. 2 at 12:05 p.m., and things went completely, stupidly bizarre from there. Why? Because the internet. Because Alex is an averagely good looking teenage boy. Because Twitter is full of averagely good looking teenage boy loving girls. For a lot of reasons, but mostly, I'm ok with it. Why? Because we now have #AlexfromTarget memes, and this is something I am very ok with. Is this all very weird? Yes. Am I still very ok with it? yes again. We've all had that local barista, cashier or waiter that we went googly eyes over and chatted about with our friends every time we hit the store, so why shouldn't every #AlexfromTarget in our lives get some recognition? Check out the first pic (THE pic) of Alex, and then 9 of my favorite memes created in this bizarre tornado of weirdness that has hit Twitter. If you want to check out the fabled Alex's account, you can find him on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/acl163
best things about the internet can be summed up in the hashtags XD
i just find this quite funny
Some of these memes, especially the one about the start of the shift. XD I don't like this whole Alex from Target thing and I feel bad for the kid as it puts too much attention on him... but some of these memes are too funny.
@caricakes Somehow I feel like this sounds like somethinf we would have started.
I think this is proof that I am falling behind the younger generations. I don't get it!