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New stills cut photo of Park Shin Hye has been released. In the photo, Choi In Ha is wearing a girl school uniform and smiling. Many people ask “What Is Pinocchio Syndrome”? The Pinocchio Production explained Pinocchio syndrome that Choi In Ha Park Shin-hye has to suffer in the drama. They showed 6 symptoms of the syndrome. 1. People suffering this syndrome will get hiccups whenever they tell a lie. This syndrome usually occurs in 1 out 43 people and is not incurable. 2. People suffering this syndrome will get hiccups evenwhen they tell a lie on the phone. 3. Hiccups are only stop if they tell the truth. 4. Hiccups caused by the minor lie will be stopped soon, however hiccups caused by the great lie are only stopped until they tell the truth. 5. People suffering this syndrome are unable to tell little lie like ‘Your daughter is pretty.’ So, they have hard time to get along with people. 6. Everybody tends to believe whatever people suffering Pinocchio syndrome say
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