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Now that Nick Foles is out for the Eagles for at least a month, Mark Sanchez has a new opportunity to rewrite his legacy with the Eagles. There couldn't be a better opportunity for him as Chip Kelly will definitely get the most out of him. Can Sanchez lead the Eagles to the Super Bowl? I certainly think so.
@eighynine I am not sold either. Would like to see him put a few good games together before I put any faith in this guy
@TheAdrenaline definitely. Since he is their backup QB and is being paid like one, there's very little risk for the Eagles here. I am pretty confident they are going to spend a high pick on a QB next year in the draft so this might be Sanchez's last opportunity to show what he can do. Hope he prevails! Would be a great story
@Rockethakeem Understandable, but I think the situation with the Eagles is much better and we may finally get to see what he can do with some legit weapons
LOL that Sanchize name needs to go away
I've got my reservations. He always got lost in the 2nd half of games and when the other team brought the blitz he couldn't handle it. Maybe the Eagles quick throw offense will better suit him.