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Popular meat alternative company, Field Roast, is told to test its products on live animals before it can resume selling. --- Best known for its artisan breakfast sausages, hand-formed veggie burgers, and holiday roasts, the beloved Seattle-based company seemed to be doing everything right—until they received a surprising letter from the Canadian government. To continue selling their meat-free line in Canada, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency said they would have to test their products on live animals. According to Field Roast, "The regulations rule that we are making a 'simulated meat product' and need to add this language to our labels. The standards for a 'simulated meat product' require a Protein Efficiency Ratio (PER) study (conducted using live animals) to evaluate the protein in relation to animal meats."
That's the most ridiculous thing I have heard. Seriously, testing this on live animals. I guess there aren't any compassionate people in US or Canadian governments! !!! only greedy money whores!
This makes absolutely no sense at all! smh
Not cool Canada
This is so sad. I understand having to pass regulations but the fact that regulations are impractical to the whole point of the product is really frustrating.