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Jung Il Woo said that Lee Min Ho He had him exact same personality
The famous actor Jung Il Woo who took the main lead role in “The Night Watchman” drama talked about his best colleague Lee Min Ho in a lastest interview. When Jung Il Woo was asked for what he offen did to relax himself, he said “When there’s no work, I’m really lazy. I just veg out.” Jung Il Woo added “I’m kind of a dry person. I don’t meet people often since it is tiresome (to go out). Lee Min-ho also has a similar personality, so he usually keeps indoors too. We always make an appointment and cancel it, saying ‘It bothers me (to go out), let’s meet another time.’ We’ve done it a number of times,”
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their friendship is like the sweetest thing i like how they understand each other so well
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Back then, they've always go biking together with their buddy Kim Beom. It's been awhile since they're all busy with their respective careers.
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