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Growing up in Pittsburgh, Mr. Rogers was more than required watching: it was something we lived and breathed! In elementary school, we often went on trips where we got to meet Mr. McFeely, and it never got old. While this episode came out before I was born, I think it's possible that I've seen nearly every Mr. Rogers Neighborhood episode by now! Coming back to these videos much later in life, they're still really interesting: I knew that crayons are made of wax and can work out the details, but the informative style of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood means there is a still a lot left for Mr. Rogers to teach me: how about you?
@onesmile @EightyNine Listen to this on a chilly, rainy day.....and you'll be asleep in 10 minutes. Not a bad thing, really!
I love this show, but it's kind of....boring? Sorry Mr. Rogers!
@onesmile I agree, a little monotone
@EightyNine Worthy choice, anyways XD I think I only watched because he was basically a local legend.
I actually never saw Mr. Rogers... didn't really ever watch PBS unless it was for Arthur I think..