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ESPN has released their Power Rankings for Week 1 of the NBA season. Do you agree with it? There are 4 teams with 3-0 records: The Warriors, Memphis, Miami, and Houston. Hard to see how they aren't in the top 5 of the power rankings. Seems also they are keeping Cleveland in the top 5 simply because of the personnel. Unsurprisingly the 76ers are at the bottom and the Lakers are right before them which I'm sure is a huge disappointment for Adam Silver and the NBA.
@Goyo Miami lost today away at Charlotte, but Memphis pulled out a tough win away at Phoenix. I think Memphis is going to do big things this year. They're finally utilizing Marc Gasol as Option 1A instead of just sharing the ball with everyone.
@rockethakeem I am not sure. The Rockets seem legit but the Heat and Memphis seem to be one of those teams that gets off to a strong start and are overrated until they return back to earth
@Goyo You could use the argument of a soft schedule, but in the beginning of the season you don't really know which teams are soft or not (or at least how soft or how tough). The Rockets have simply been blowing teams out and the Grizzlies are grinding out wins home and away. The Warriors beat the Lakers and Kings who are supposed to be the "soft" teams but they're still 2nd. So their ranking is inconsistent.
The undefeated teams arent top 5 bc they are playing a soft schedule @rockethakeem