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Have you ever wondered if baby carrots are tiny carrots or instead tiny pieces of large carrots? That was our "watercooler" conversation at work today, and here's the answer from Grimmway Farms via the kitchn: "Baby carrots start off life as actual, honest-to-goodness, full-sized carrots — although they are usually picked while still young for best sweetness and texture. These carrots are planted closely together to encourage them to grow straight down into the earth and develop a uniform width. This makes it easier and less wasteful to cut them to baby carrot-size later on." Also... "In the facility, the carrots are sorted according to size and cut into 2-inch pieces. They are then stored for 1 to 5 days before final processing. Carrots actually respire and generate heat after they've been harvested and cut; this storing time gives them a chance to settle down before they're packaged. It also allows the farm to harvest and package the carrots in two separate steps, allowing for continuous packaging during both peak season and slower moments. Finally, the carrots are peeled and polished into their signature baby carrot size and shape. The carrots are sent spinning down a spiral slide with a grated surface (much like a microplane). As the carrots tumble and turn, the peel is rubbed away and the edges rounded. The pulp created during this process either goes back to compost the soil or to cattle feed." There's a lot more to the process - you can read about it in the linked article. Hope you enjoy your next crunch into a delicious baby carrot!
You learn something new everyday!
Finally: everyone will have to believe me when I tell them that carrots don't come baby sized until you make them that way.