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This looks like a great option for a streaming media player/gaming system at the $99 pricepoint.
@TechAtHeart no that's definitely a good point, most people think of mobile games as just dumb time wasters and not serious games, this is a good way to "blur the line" and create some crossover between the platforms. there's already some really good mobile games out there, now maybe people will take them more serious
@AgentCory That definitely is super interesting. I wonder if these type of games will affect the way people view gaming. From what I understand, some gamers believe not all games are considered "serious" enough in order for someone to be a gamer...this includes mobile games. Would this blur the line? I don't know, maybe how you play the game doesn't matter...maybe it's the type of game?
@DanWest good point, and that would be pretty cool. right now most games go from big screen to mobile but the other direction would be interesting. c:
I definitely think this allows us to take some of our mobile games to the big screen. Respawnables, 8 Ball Pool, etc. In addition to some video and browser functionality like Chromecast.
I'm really curious if this android is gonna be the next console
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