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Good morning. Here’s a quick refresher on what you'll need to know to make an informed decision in the polls today: WHERE DO I VOTE? Well, seeing that today is election day it is too late for you to do an absentee ballet, which is a process in which you can have your ballet sent in the mail and you just send it back with your vote cast avoiding going to the polls. If you are looking for a polling station, polling places are usually located in facilities used for other purposes, such as schools, churches, sports halls, local government offices, or even private homes, and may each serve a similar number of people. If you do not know where to find one specifically, just google "where do I vote" and you will find a polling station! Here is a link: IN THE POLLS Power in the balance: Republicans need six to take control of the Senate. But possible runoffs in two states could delay the final result. Running up the score: In the House, the Republicans have 233 of 435 seats, and they are trying to reach their post-World War II high of 246. Ruling the statehouses: They rode into office on the Tea Party wave in 2010, but the governors of Florida, Kansas, Maine, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin all face difficult re-elections today. THE BACK STORY Why is America’s Election Day always on a Tuesday? The answer has to do with horses and buggies. In 1845, Congress decided to standardize elections and pick one day for everyone in the nation to vote. Sunday was out: Many people spent the day at church. But Monday was also a problem. It might take as much as a full day of travel for rural residents to reach their polling locations. Congress settled on Tuesday as the earliest day in the week that most citizens would be able to make it into town. Now that travel time isn’t an obstacle, some activist groups — Why Tuesday? is one — have lobbied for weekend voting as a way to increase turnout. But researchers say it’s not that simple. A 2012 government study documented a host of obstacles to weekend voting, and concluded that alternative voting times and methods rarely had a major effect on turnout.
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It's great that the effort to make polling locations easier to locate has spread so rapidly this year. I hope that means everyone who sees this is headed out to vote.
Most importantly, everyone needs to Vote Vote Vote!
huh! I had no idea why election days are on Tuesdays. Typical for people to find it too hard to rearrange the days now!